Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Kwa wanaopenda kujiendeleza kielimu!

MSc & PhD study opportunities in Norway!

The government of Norway provides sponsorship to over 500 students from the developing world for Masters and PhD programs at various 46 Universities/ colleges in Norway every year. Experience shows that Tanzania get 50 positions (over 10%) of these places since most of Tanzanians go back after completing their studies.

1. All Tanzanians who are interested are called to apply. AtNIMR there are opportunities for Scientists and other staff. See the list of 46 Universities below. I have to say that please let as many people you know as possible apply (even outside of NIMR) - as most people may not have this information. In each University, there are procedures for application -the web page in Norwegian (click English) - to see the info in English. Then go to prospective students, then choose Quota program then make two choices. Initially you will fill in preliminary appl. - then they will send you the appl. forms through email.

2. Academic requirements: Basic training with General Pass Average (GPA) of 3.5 (Upper Second) and above - those with 1st Class usually are selected as policy. In addition, indication of Work experience is important. (Not mandatory as there are many Masters’ students studying here just fresh from Schools in Tanzania.

3. Sponsorship: These programs are fully sponsored. Education in Norway is free- so no tuition fees! The government will give you stipend to support food, travel accommodation etc. There are three main sponsorship arrangements:
I. Quota- this is the largest-
II. NOMA (formerly NORAD) - this is mainly for Masters and students do their studies either in South Africa or Makerere – Uganda but get funds as if they are studying in Norway.

4. Deadline for Application is 1st of December. All application forms together with letters of support, original certificates and other information should reach the Universities by this date.

5. Best places for NIMR Scientists/ Support staff.
i. University of Bergen
ii.University of Oslo
iii.University of Trøndheim
iv.University of Trømso

For Administrators at NIMR- Masters of Public Administration in Bergen and Oslo are very good courses- there are students from Mzumbe, from Uganda, Ghana etc.

6. PhD Program requirements: A protocol addressing priority problems is needed. From experience- Universities in Norway don’t accept other Masters from other countries for PhD directly- you will need one year to be assessed for Masters and in the second year you can switch to PhD program. If you have Masters in Norway you will be accepted directly- PhD prog. is three years- If you have Masters from elsewhere PhD prg. is 4 years. In the PhD prog. while studying in Norway req. is publication of 3 or 4 articles in peer reviewed journals.

7. If you are interested- or you have relative or friend, someone you know, with good qualifications- please pass the info. If you are unable to get the forms- feel free to contact TASAO or any Tanzanian student studying in Norway.

We encourage as many Tanzanians as possible to apply!

Academic institutions in the Quota Scheme
1. Universities Norwegian University of Life Sciences http://www.umb.no/
2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology http://www.ntnu.no/
3. University of Bergen http://www.uib.no/
4. University of Oslo http://www.uio.no/
5. University of Stavanger http://www.uis.no/
6. University of Tromsø http://www.uit.no/
7. National academies of the arts Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHIB) http://www.khib.no/
8. Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO) http://www.khio.no/
9. Akershus- http://www.hiak.no/
10. Bergen http://www.hib.no/
12. Buskerud http://www.hibu.no/
13. Finnmark http://www.hifm.no/
14. Gjøvik http://www.hig.no/
15. Harstad http://www.hih.no/
16. Hedmark http://www.hihm.no/
17. Lillehammer http://www.hil.no/
19. Narvik http://www.hin.no/
20. Nord-Trøndelag http://www.hint.no/
21. Oslo University College http://www.hio.no/
23. Sogn og Fjordane http://www.hisf.no/
24. Stord/Haugesund http://www.hsh.no/
25. Sør-Trøndelag http://www.hist.no/
26. Telemark http://www.hit.no/
28. Vestfold http://www.hive.no/
30. Østfold http://www.hiof.no/
31. Ålesund http://www.hials.no/
32. Barratt Due Institute of Music http://www.barrattdue.no/
33. Bergen Deaconess University College http://www.bergendsh.no/
34. The Norwegian Academy of Music http://www.nmh.no/
35. The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Admini stration http://www.nhh.no/
36. The Norwegian School of Veterinary Science http://www.veths.no/
37. The Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education http://www.nih.no/ (Wamesitisha zoezi la kuchukua wanafunzi kwa mwaka huu)
38. The Norwegian School of Management http://www.bi.no/
39. The Norwegian College of Eurytmy http://www.eurytmi.no/
40. The Norwegian School of Theology http://www.mf.no/
41. The Norwegian Teacher Academy http://www.nla.no/
42. The Oslo School of Architecture and Design http://www.aho.no/
43. Queen Maud`s College http://www.dmmh.no/
44. Rogaland College - http://www.diakonhjemmeths.no/
45. The Rudolf Steiner College of Education http://www.rshoyskolen.no/
46. The School of Mission and Theology http://www.mhs.no/