Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Police pose as buyers, nab three selling human organs in Mwanza

30th October 2013
Police in Mwanza have arrested three persons found in possession of a human being’s right hand palm after police posed as potential buyers in a deal where the suspects had offered to sell the palm at 100m/-.

It has not been specified to be male or female nor was the age of the victim.
The suspects were arrested on Monday near Mwanza Airport after police working on a tip off from wananchi.

Acting Mwanza Regional Police Commander Joseph Konyo described the recovered palm as ‘still fresh’ indicating that the victim was butchered recently but he did not specify those details awaiting results from forensic investigations.

“The hand (palm) was wrapped in a plastic bag and then stashed in a bag,” he detailed.

Konyo said the suspects, two ‘witchdoctors’ and a businessman, had also agreed to sell the buyer (police) other human organs including heads, whole hands and even genitals.

Police updates on the incidents will be availed when investigations are completed. Major questions include identity of the victim and whether the suspects were operating individually or were part of an organised crime ring.

Konyo commended wananchi for volunteering information that led to the arrest of the suspects calling for similar cooperation across the country.