Sunday, 10 November 2013



Eventually,  the discussion on free education for international student  has ended. The new government that took power by November this year, 2013 have decide to introduce tuition fee for international students by autum 2015.

There has been speculation on this matter since last year. However, the 2013 election has changed the direction and officially declared the matter in the announced state budget. 

Christian democratic party and Liberals are fighting agains this move as it opposes the slogan of equal education for all. 

The Popular News paper in Norway has reported what has  been the  discussion in the parliament this week.

The  following article has been translated from Aftenposten news paper

The government did not give  11-month study support . As expected, this created an outcry among students. But these are trifles compared with the other measures proposed in the state budget .
The proposal to consider the introduction of tuition fees for international students is the end of free principle in higher education. The main principle of the equal right to education.
Chloé Steen,student at University of OsloNorway supplied by neighboring countries , Denmark and Sweden. It's in the proposal that " the Ministry will consider a similar arrangement for tuition fees for foreign students with a view to introduction in autumn 2015, at the state universities and colleges ."
The measure is not in accordance with prevailing knowledge
Here is the government across the prevailing knowledge .
In Ireland, they began to introduce tuition fees to a specific group , as blåblå government proposes . It took only six years before all students in Ireland had to pay tuition fees.
This seems to be a trend. Now you first break free of the principle of one group , it is very easy to break it for the rest .
The proposal comes as a result of a strong need . Although Norway has been the only country without tuition has not led to an increase in the number of applicants. In 2011 , the year in Sweden introduced tuition fees for students outside the European Union , University of Oslo experienced a decline in the number of international students. The reason for this decline is the major cuts in higher education conducted in many countries.A loss for the knowledge society
In Sweden they have experienced a reduction in the number of applicants in the 80 percent having introduced tuition fees for international students. This significantly reduces the ability to get the best minds , and a loss for the knowledge society blåblå the government says they work for.
Here it is essential that the Christian Democratic Party and the Liberals are helping to vote down the proposal evaluation for tuition fees for foreign students .
Being of equal access to education commitment . It is not possible to combine tuition with the goal of equal access to education.
Regards student.