Monday, 11 November 2013

22 Tanzanians awarded scholarships to pursue Masters in Australia 2014

11th November 2013
HAB Mkwizu, Deputy Permanent Secretary, President's Office Public Service Management
At least twenty two individuals from Tanzania are to travel to Australia for Masters Programmes as recipients of the Australian awards program along with some 300 other professionals from across 24 African.

From other East African countries are, 21 Kenyans of whom 19 will pursue masters programs and 2 PhD, 19 students from Uganda for Masters Programs, 5 Masters Program students from Rwanda and 4 students for masters programs from Burundi
As a result, the government has expressed appreciation over Australia’s contribution in capacity building of local private and public servants through the Australian development scholarship programme since 2000.

Deputy Permanent Secretary, President’s Office Public Service Management, HAB Mkwizu, expressed the sentiment in a speech delivered at a reception for recipients of the Australian awards program for 2014 late last week in Dar es Salaam.

“Australia has been supporting our country’s efforts in various areas the support plays a crucial role in the implementation of our development agenda,” he said.
According to him, at least 190 Tanzanians have received training in various Australian institutions between 2006 and 2013.

The training programmes offered have steadily grown from 12 in 2007/2008 to 80 in 2010/2013 and include short courses, Masters and PhD programs in agriculture, public health, infrastructure, natural resource management and public policy.

Others are trade, diplomacy, financial management, governance, rural development, human resource management and technical and vocational education.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary advised recipients of the awards to study hard and ensure that they return home with advanced knowledge for the development of the continent.

He went on to note that the steps taken by the Australian government through its High Commissioner to Africa are crucial to strengthening the cordial relationships between the two countries in the areas of staff and economic development relevant to the country.

The Australian High Commissioner to Tanzania, Geoff Tooth said that it was his country’s mission to help African countries’ development particularly through education.

He said education has a central role in the development of any nation emphasis should be put on investing in education and knowledge for the people.

On gender balance, he emphasized on equal involvement of men and women in all economic development programs in the country to ensure that both genders equally benefit from the programmes.

On behalf of her fellow recipients, Maimuna Makutika from Tanzania said it was a good chance for her to go and acquire more knowledge for the development of the country when she comes back.